Top 10 Strongest Magic Types 2 Explained

I recently wrote the last magic type post, so it’s time to rank the new ones. Like last time, here’s the rules:

  • Ranks how strong they are overall, from the weakest build to the strongest.
  • Ranks pure builds, no hybrids.

Remember to check out the video version of this post. With that out of the way, let’s get right into it.

10. Alchemy

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

In order to get to 10, some of these aren’t really magic types by themselves. But mages can specialize in specific skills or in this case items.

A pure alchemy build is a mage that throws around and uses powerful potions.

Depending on the verse, this grants powerful effects that rival normal magic. But normally, that’s the not the case. Alchemy gives moderate boosts and don’t last forever.

Best as support, nothing more. But it’s effect on the world is massive and if you’re interested in this check out these two articles.

It might be the weakest but it has a large impact on world building.

9. Pure/Non-Elemental

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

I should have placed this on the previous list but at least it can make it here.

Spells like magic missile are weak but spells like Ultima also find a home here. Any spell that’s pure magical energy falls under this type.

This makes the type very versatile. You can lace other magic types onto spells like magic missile. They also have low cost so you can spam them easily.

An example of high level pure magic is Jihan from “The Gamer” webtoon. He uses a lot of magic but his reliable spells include missiles, bombs and shields. They’re his weakest spells but still pack a punch.

A low ceiling but it’s versatility and potential is higher than 10. The spell effects also don’t disappear in minutes. Check out it’s full post for more.

8. Spirit

“Wallpaper deer, cave, rocks, dragon, magic, spirit wallpapers fantasy” from

The only reason why this is higher is because the ceiling is higher. Depending on the spirit you can use many different powerful spells.

From low level spirits to Gods, the sky is the limit for spirit mages. They can even possess your body for added power. Even necromancy can fall under this.

For more info check out the post I wrote on it.

7. Magic Archery

“Archery in Anime | Anime Fights, Anime, Tokyo Ravens” from

The biggest problem with spirit is the low floor. Most fantasy stories make spirit magic non-combative or the lowest level.

They require chanting and borrow outside power. Magic archery doesn’t have those problems. If the spirit is special then magic archers would have trouble but most of the time they’ll win.

They can blend with the background and spam spells from their bow from a far. You don’t even need a bow, you create those with magic.

Add the limitless range and ammo and this type takes the win most of the time. Learn about it here.

6. Erotic Magic

“Fantasy Succubus HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 2880x1800” from

You know Succubus and Incubus? This is their magic and it can easily deal with everything below.

From mental attacks that bypass distance and most defenses to energy manipulation. This magic type can deal with many magic types by disarming them.

Succubus can use sexual energy to form weapons, shields and more. They can drain that energy from others. This removes any will to battle and let’s not forget charming enemies.

Depending on the setting, sexual energy can absorb magical power. The process is usually done in bed but erotic magic can easily make that happen.

If the mage isn’t expecting to deal with it, they will lose. Check out it’s full post here.

5. Martial Magic

“Battle Mage Anime Wallpapers” From

This magic is a hard counter to erotic magic. Martial mages are stronger and faster than succubus. In order to master martial magic you need a sound mind and discipline.

Aside from novices, martial mages are immune to most erotic magic. Conjuring weapons and powering up their body to the limit, they’re just too powerful to deal with.

For more info check out the it’s own post.

4. Defense Magic

Archer, Hero of Justice | Virtual Space Amino

The best offense is the best defense. This magic type can do much more than just defend. Check out the full article to understand but a short example is shield prisons.

You can suffocate the enemy or crush them. All things being equal, defense mages are better than martial mages.

Aside from brute force, martial mages can’t break the shields from this mage. Unless the martial mage is higher in level, they lose.

You might think, “Defense mages are too slow, you can catch them off guard.”

True, if they’re novices. Defense magic includes automatic shields, reflections and even anti-magic. They lose in speed but can match everything else, even strength if the shield strong enough.

To see the full range of what Defense magic can do, check out it’s post. Check out the Barrier Master Job class to see how this magic can help the average mage and society.

3. Dark/Black Magic

Photo by Hannah Troupe on Unsplash

Curses, hexes, shadows and more is what this magic is all about. Powerful villains and sorcerers use this magic to do crazy things. That includes specializing in breaking defenses.

Curses and hexes are powerful hax that bypasses most defenses. Spells like instant death and voodoo cripple or end most enemies before the battle even starts.

It can do much more and even has a connection to Lovecraft, check out it’s full post here.

2. Divine Magic

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Most of the time, villains lose to the heroes and this shows it. Divine magic usually counters Dark Magic.

That’s the only reason. Both have high ceilings and can do amazing things. If not for this common situation, they would be tied.

Also, let’s not forget Divine magic includes Dark Gods too. So everything Black Magic can do, Divine can too. But I’ll admit that Dark magic has a better range of abilities and doesn’t rely on faith.

I understand if you want to swap them though. They’re practically equal. Check it’s full post to see what it can truly do.

1. Fundamental Forces

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

Finally, we have Fundamental Forces. This magic type has the highest ceiling and can do almost anything. Even novices can beat most of the list.

You can control the reality and the only limit is that you can’t break the rules of reality.

Divine and Dark have no chance. Check out it’s full power here.


That’s all I have to say on the strongest magic types part 2. Sorry for the shorter length, my reasons for ranking some of them are simpler than last time.

They counter the last placement most of the time or just overpower them easy.

If you like this post or any of my magic posts, follow me and comment below what you want to see from me next.

With that, I’m done.



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