Why We Should Do More Crossovers

4 min readAug 15, 2022
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I love crossover but they are rarely done and if they are it’s bad.

Competent writers and a good story bible can fix bad crossovers. But why are crossover rare?

Whether it’s because of legal reasons or something else, it doesn’t matter. You and the big corporations should try to do more honest and good crossovers.

Here are 5 reasons why.

For Fun

I prefer canon and serious crossover but most are just for fun. It makes sense, seeing your favorite character have fun together is always a treat.

From the writer’s perspective, the fun comes in when writing with other great writers. Crossovers allow for some of the greats to come together to produce something amazing.

It can also just be fun to write as a solo writer with over 2 stories. Putting your characters in unique and fun situations can be relaxing. Especially if your characters are usually in pain.

Fate Carnival Phantasm comes to mind for crossovers like this.

But there’s a more devious reason for crossovers that I should probably get out the way.

Sigh, Money…

You see it a lot with shameless promotional crossover DLC in video games. The biggest offenders are Fortnite and mobile gacha games.

They take a popular world and inject it into their game. I won’t blame them, it works. These crossovers with RWBY, Naruto, Star Wars, and much more sell the game.

Good thing these crossovers don’t have a story so there’s need to pay any attention to them.

As a writer, I would advise not doing crossover for this reason alone. It can be a great motivator but there needs to be a narrative reason for the crossover unless it’s pure fun.

Imagine an official crossover between your favorite franchises. The money would flood in easy just by concept alone.

But that’s not where the true money is anyway. Don’t settle for the bottom-of-the-barrel crossovers, start a shared universe.

Starting a Shared Universe




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