Magic System Review: Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter universe is a place where magic is real.

Wizards, witches, and other magical creatures can use their powers to cast spells on objects and even people. In this article, I’ll explore the magic of the Harry Potter universe.

First, let’s start with its profile.

Basic Profile

Name of System: Magic

Power Type: Magic

Method of Use: Primary- Movement and Secondary- Thought

Soft or Hard: Soft

Rarity: Uncommon

Notable Users: Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Bellatrix

​Overview The Magic System of Harry Potter?

The magic system in Harry Potter is based on wands, spells, and potions.

Wands are used to cast spells. Wands come from magical trees called “wand woods” and can be made of different materials.

Each wand has a magical core at its center. These include unicorn hair or phoenix feather(the rarest).

The wand chooses its owner based on their personality. That means that no two wizards have the same wand!

Spells are used for things like lighting fires or opening doors. There are different types of spells too, such as curses or hexes.

A curse is usually used to harm someone or something. A hex is used when you want to do something bad but not necessarily hurt them. Some spells can only be performed with a wand and incantation, while others can be done without one.

Potions are used to make things like potions, healing, and sleeping draughts. They are created by mixing ingredients and then heating them.

The three main types of magic in the Harry Potter universe are:

  • Wand magic: Magic that needs wands to cast spells.
  • Nonverbal Magic: Used by witches and wizards who have mastered wandless magic.
  • Parseltongue: Used by witches and wizards who have

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