Mage Jobs: Magic Engineer

3 min readNov 7, 2022
Dwarven Artificer by scarypet on DeviantArt

I’ve been encountering more mages that combine spells and technology.

I find the result of that combination to be unique and infinitely interesting. One day I want to add this type of mage to my stories.

To that end, I need to know more about this class of mage. Here’s what I know about the Magic Engineer.

Maybe you can create something cool using this info. But first things first, why would any choose to be a magic engineer?

Why Do They Exist?

In a world with magic, especially soft magic, why use technology? Why combine magic and technology together?

Regardless of how common magic is, the answer is the same.


For people without magic or those without talent, magic technology will be attractive.

Magic tech makes spell-casting easier and more accessible. After that desire is fulfilled, then you can write about new exclusive spells.

A magic engineer’s capabilities are near limitless. But here are some of the most common ideas.

What Do They Do?




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