How To Write Magic Type: Martial Magic [Creative Writing]

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There’s a magic type that’s underused in media for its rule-breaking nature. You’re supposed to use magic at range with a staff and weak robes.

Not for the martial mage.

These mages are like monks but instead of ki, they use mana to power up. They’re also not limited by the stereotype of the monk so they can do much more.

Weapons, stealth, mixed or combat staff. As long as it’s melee, the martial mage can do it.

That’s just the beginning, let’s dive deeper into what martial magic can do.

What it is and What Does it do

Martial magic relies on enchantment (power-up version) magic for almost everything.

They enhance their bodies and weapons to become living war machines. That’s the pure build but not the limit.

If it was, then martial magic would be the same as enchantment. Martial magic is a combination of many magic types that help cause melee damage.

Fire firsts, gravity to pull enemies, increase blood flow, turn your skin to scales, and much more.

The martial mage can even dabble in range spells but the focus is melee.

Example classes that can fall under this type of magic type:

  • Paladin
  • Most Clerics
  • War Mage
  • Anti-Mage Warrior
  • Magic Assassin

All of that with knowledge of how to fight with their fists or chosen weapon.

The only downside is that there are no unique spells for this magic type. Unless it’s universe exclusive, at that point it’s up to you to create unique spells.

You might be asking if magic can do all this, what’s the point of Ki or cultivation?

Magic vs Cultivation(Qi) and Ki

If you want to have Ki and cultivation in the same world as magic, you have to know the differences.

Magic can do almost everything the other two can but it’s not suited for it. Using martial magic would feel awkward when compared to Ki or Qi.

You have to learn many magic types to compare to Ki or Qi. So it could be harder to learn and master in comparison to them.

Ki focuses on boosting physical power along with energy blasts and flight. Nothing more or less, easy.

Qi is like magic but martial arts is at its core, unlike magic. There are more differences that you can find on its own post. Easy to start, hard to master.

Another benefit is that mastering Qi can improve your entire body looks-wise. Ki can’t do that and martial mages need to learn another magic type.

Based on my experiences, this is how I would rate them overall.

Other than that, the best way to draw a difference is by culture. The culture that forms is up to how you write them.

With that out of the way, how does martial magic affect world-building?

Martial Magic’s place in World-building

Out of all the magic types I’ve covered, this has the smallest effect on the world.

Maybe other mages would look down on them for being savages. If it’s not rare or looked down upon then it could reshape magic society.

Every mage would learn some martial magic for self-defense. It’s the smart thing to do. Only traditionalists would say otherwise.

Unless it’s the focus of your story, martial magic would be like any other magic type. It fades into the background like how elemental magic does.


That’s the overview of martial magic. It’s a combination of many magic types focused on melee combat.

What do you think? Any questions on this underused magic type? Comment below what stories you’ve written, or plan to write, with martial magic.

With that, I’m done.



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I’m Blankmarks and I love magic in fiction. I’ll write about the various magic types and concepts not only for fun but to help writers create new magical worlds