5 Ways Playing TTRPGs Like D&D Can Improve Your Writing

4 min readDec 19, 2022
D&D Wallpaper from wallpapercave.com

TTRPGs like Dungeons & Dragons are not only fun but also good for you.

If you’re a writer, there are some lessons to learn from playing them. After reading this, you can confidently say that you’re working when playing D&D.

You’re just improving your skills for your future as a well-fed writer. That’s all.

Here are 5 ways playing D&D can improve your writing.

Note: Most of these will only apply when you’re the DM(Dungeon Master).

Improved Creativity

Planning out a campaign with a set deadline is a good challenge to tackle. It’s like a writing assignment for a job.

The only difference is that you leave some holes for your creativity to fill while playing. Mostly for your unpredictable players.

Do this enough times and you’ll be able to come up with more creative solutions to problems in your story.

You need to master the art of improvisation while leading your players through the story.

If you get good enough, you can say goodbye to constant writer’s block. You have the experience to scale it or break it down.

It will also give your more options to deal with any chaotic muses out there. Managing campaigns teaches you to guide your players(muses) to the planned ending while still giving them room to play.

Basically, playing TTRPGs makes you more flexible.

Mental Flexibility

If you’re the DM, you have to get used to your plans getting off track sometimes.

Dealing with these situations will increase your ability to deal with that. It will be less frustrating when this does happen.

Less frustration = better mental state

Better mental state = more fun writing

This goes double for game writers. The story you want may change during development. Whether due to corrupt corporations or genuine problems, you have to roll with the punches.

Playing TTRPGs where this happens will help ease those blows. This is a lesson I haven’t fully grasped yet but I’m working on…


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