10 Short Story Writing Prompts

3 min readOct 17, 2022
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Time to get the creative juices flowing once more. This is for those creatively stuck or those wanting to pop out some fun side projects for the portfolio.

Some say that limitations breeds creativity. With that in mind, all of the prompts will have rules.

Try to stay within them while writing something cool. Let us not waste any more time, here’s the first one.

Prompt #1

A group of fantasy adventurers are paid to scout a mysterious black pillar that appeared one day. When they get inside, they’re met with ______. The consequences of this meeting will scar each for a lifetime, if they survive the next hour.


  • Under 2k Words
  • No Magic
  • Female Protagonist
  • 1st Person

Prompt #2

What if you actually became a wizard when you turned into a 30-year-old virgin? Imagine a world where that actually happened and everyone knew it was possible. How would this simple fact of life change the world and most importantly, dating?


  • Under 5k Words
  • 2nd Person
  • Finish in 1 day [More of a challenge]

Prompt #3

Your story starts with this starting:

“The star began to blink out of existence, one by one. Still, my mother smiles at me and says______.”

Finish the rest.


  • <=1.5k Words
  • Male Protagonist
  • 1st Person
  • Finish under 1 hour [Challenge]

Prompt #4

Write comedic banter between two best friends that have been through war together. Near the end, smoothly transition that comedy into tragedy. One of them is going to die soon from heart complications.


  • Under 3k Words
  • 2nd or 3rd Person
  • Ends with the death of the best friend

Prompt #5


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